Bill Belichick coming to the NFC East?

Speculation emerged that Bill Belichick could actually leave the organization after this season. And now there’s talk he could be going from the AFC East to the NFC East.

Bill Belichick

“I’m sure Bill knows this is his last chance to be the Giants coach,” a source close to Belichick said Friday. “Bill sees an opening — an opening to get to the Giants.”

The source has not spoken to Belichick since the story came out, but is very familiar with The Hoodie’s desire to coach the Giants.

The source also said he’s not certain if the reported friction and tension in New England will prompt Belichick to force his way out, but if he does, he said he is certain, “The Giants are the only place he wants to be.”

“He wants to be the Giants coach. I know that for a fact,” the source said. “That would be pretty cool. My guess is if he wants out, the Giants already know. He would be great with Gettleman. Bill is a football guy. Gettleman is a football guy.”
Yikes! Belichick to the Giants would, uh, certainly not be great news for the Philadelphia Eagles, or the rest of the division for that matter.

“The bad news is that it’s not totally far-fetched from the Giants’ side. They love hiring people who have experience with the organization and Belichick coached in New York from 1979-1990. During his time with the Patriots, he helped the G-Men win two Super Bowls when they really had no business doing so.”

Belichick might try to force his way out of New England, but that doesn’t mean the Patriots have to just let him go.

“For the Eagles’ sake, hopefully Belichick doesn’t come to the Giants. Please, feel free to take Jim Schwartz instead. Preferably don’t take him, either, but if it comes down to those two, well, bye Jim.”


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